AUSSIE Repair Miracle Review

This post was a highly requested one and I can´t count the times my friends asked me for my opinion on these two products (and the whole Aussie Repair Miracle line), so here it is – your wish is my demand :D. Although I don´t really enjoy writing reviews as I once did I decided to make an exception this time due to all the questions I got recently. So, here it goes.
I have to admit the first time I tried these products I hated them.

Why you ask?

Well, although making my hair extra soft and smooth the effect only lasted for about a day and then it made my hair greasy looking and my split ends were seen from a mile away (and I just got my hair cut, so I can´t imagine how it would look on someone who hasn´t gotten their hair cut in a while). I gave the products a couple times more and my hair still looked worse than it ever did. I tried using a more clarifying shampoo at least once a week, but my hair still looked like a grease ball at the end of the week. I wanted to stop using the products immediately since they made me wash my hair more often and I know that can really cause more damage than good to it. However, being a good blogger as I am (ha-ha) I knew I had to take one for the team (my readers), so I continued using these products in hopes of seeing a difference when my hair gets used to the change.

Well, they say consistency is key in life and it prove to be the thing with these products as well.

After a couple of weeks my hair got used to the ingredients and I saw what all the hype was about. My hair started looking healthy and clean and I got back to washing my hair every second/third day.

I tried switching to another shampoo a couple of times, but noticed not even one made my hair look as shiny and soft to the touch as this one did. I do admit I am a bit concerned about the change since I have never experienced such a change in any other product and I am afraid I will have to go through hell again, when I decide to try something new (which I inevitably will, since I am blogger) since my hair seems to love these products so much. Before using these products my favorites were Macadamia, Dvorec Trebnik, Lush (I still adore their Rehab shampoo) and L´occitaine, however since I never really had shiny hair I though my hair just wasn´t capable of being shinny. After trying these products I regularly get compliments on how my hair looks and I even noticed the change myself. I love the smell of this products and I am quite a fan of how their shampoo bottle has more product in it than the conditioner bottle (c´mon, we all know you never run out of these two products at the same time). The packaging is pretty simple and I do admit (being a person that sometimes – stupidly – buys the product just because of the pretty packaging) I would probably pass these products at the drugstore, if I didn´t read and hear all about the hype. I heard their 3 minute miracle mask is to die for, however I still haven´t made the purchase, since I am currently trying out another brand you can only get at the hair dresser´s (I can give you my 2 cents on that one as well, if you would be interested).

Overall I noticed the products:
– Made my hair glossier
– Made my hair softer to the touch
– Made my hair look more alive
– Had a great smell that lingered in my hair for quite some time
– Gave shine to my hair

If you were thinking about purchasing these products I advise you be consistent with the use and don´t give up after the first week or so. At the beginning your hair might resist the change and look awful, however if you continue using it you will be left with beautiful locks (the kind you see in those shampoo adds). Since these are quite powerful products and the ingredients are really moisturizing you might want to invest in another, more clarifying shampoo (I suggest one from Lush or Dvorec Trebnik, since I can guarantee they get the job done and leave your hair squeaky clean) and using it once every week or two, just to clean your hair from all the built up. Overall I suggest the products to people with dry and/or damaged hair and I would suggest people with greasy hair to pass on these ones.

Have you tried any Aussie products before? What do you think? Are they worth the hype? What´s your opinion on the 3 Minute Miracle mask? I would love to read about your experience, so please leave your thoughts in the comments bellow.

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